Best Floor Jack Reviews | Choosing the Right Floor Jacks Within Budget

The process of finding the best floor jack can be quite demanding, whether it is meant to be for home or garage use. There are so many different models, brands and typed in the market and each of them has its own pros and cons. You will need to consider a number of factors so that you can find the ideal car floor jack. One of the ways that can help you find the best car jack is by going through various floor jack reviews on the internet.

If you are desperately looking for the Top rated floor jack, then you are in the right place. We will provide you with essential information, which will help you, make an informed decision on the quality floor jack for the money. We will review different models of floor jacks and give you valuable information, to aid your decision-making.

Different Types of Jacks:

Floor jacks are classified into 3 main categories:

  • Hydraulic Floor Jacks

  • Scissor Jacks

  • Bottle/ Piston Jack

Hydraulic Floor Jack

This one of the most common types of floor jacks on the market. Most people prefer this car floor jack due to its ease of use. It has a chamber which is filled with the oil that will serve as the hydraulic fluid. Oil is cheaper to buy and will lubricate the hydraulic chamber effectively. In order to use this jack the plunger is pulled back so as to withdraw all the oil from the storage tank into the hydraulic chamber.

The plunger is then pushed forward to increase the pressure and this will raise the lifting arm. There is a ball check valve that will keep the arm in the lifted position, up to the point when the release valve is opened. With the hydraulic jack, minimal effort is required to lift a load. if you are looking for more information about Hydraulic Floor Jack Go Here

Mechanical or Scissor Jack

Mechanical or Scissor JackThis is a common type of jack and most vehicles usually have it. This is meant to lift one side of the car so as to facilitate the process of changing a deflated tire. Generally, this is a cheap floor jack and will require a whole lot of effort to raise the car. Lifting the automobile off the ground solely depends on the amount of energy that you will put in. One of the main reasons why most car owners prefer having it is the fact that it is small in size and easily portable. To use this car, you will insert a crank into a slot on one side of the jack and start rotating it. This will cause the sides of the jacks to pull together, towards the center and the vehicle is lifted off the ground.

✓ Bottle/ Piston JackBottle or Piston best floor Jack

This is one of the most powerful floor jacks. The shape of the jack is what gives it the name and has the capacity to lift over 50 tons. The operation of a bottle jack is similar to the hydraulic jack, with the only difference being that it stands upright. One of the issues that you should note with this type of jack is that it requires adequate clearance space. This is one of the reasons why their usefulness for automobiles is limited. You cannot use it on low profile vehicles, which is a great disadvantage.

Top 5 Best Floor Jacks Comparison Chart

NOS 3 Ton Aluminum best car jackNOS 3 Ton Aluminum best car jackNOS 3 Ton Aluminum best car jackNOS 3 Ton Aluminum best car jackNOS 3 Ton Aluminum best car jack
Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor JackPittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Low Profile Floor JackHein-Werner HW93642 Blue Hydraulic Service JackTorin T83006 SUV Service JackOTC 1532 2-Ton Capacity Aluminum Racing Jack
Price: $$$Price: $$$Price: $$$Price: $$$Price: $$$
Lift Capacity: 3 TonLift Capacity: 3 TonLift Capacity: 2 TonLift Capacity: 3 TonLift Capacity: 2 Ton
Item Weight: 56 poundsItem Weight: 79 poundsItem Weight: 99 poundsItem Weight: 46.4 poundsItem Weight: 43 pounds
Body: AluminumBody: SteelBody: Cat IronBody: SteelBody: Aluminum
Check The PriceCheck The PriceCheck The PriceCheck The PriceCheck The Price

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Top Rated Floor Jack Features and Specification 2017

With the extensive range of floor jacks on the market, here are some of the best models that you can consider.

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Capacity

Quality and Technical Specification:

arcan floor jackThis Arcan floor jack has the capacity to lift 3 tons and is an excellent low profile floor jack. since it has a minimum lift height of 3-3/4 inches. The 3 ton Arcan aluminum floor jack is of professional quality and can be maneuvered easily. When it is in use, the Arcan 3 ton floor jack is quite stable and the saddle pads usually protect the frame of your vehicle and other components. It has wide wheels on the front and ball bearing-mounted rear wheels that make it easy to move it around and place it at the desired location.

While the Arcan aluminum floor jack has a lift capacity of 3 tons, it only weighs 56 pounds. The maximum lift height using the Arcan floor jack is 18-1/8 inches. This floor jack has dimensions of 7 inches in height, a width of 12.5 inches and a length of 31 inches. The reinforced arm provides added strength and this will provide control and durability of the chassis torsion. There so many safety features that have been integrated in this Arcan best floor jack so as to ensure that users are safe when working with it. This is one the floor jacks that have a high rating and will hardly disappoint you.

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack  Features:

The Arcan ALJ3T weight 56 pound and has the capacity to lift 3 tons of load.

 The Arcan ALJ3T comes with a lift arm that is enhanced for more durability, strength and chassis torsion control.

 It also has dual piston pumps, which make it easier to raise the jack in a seedy manner.

 The bypass overload valves on the Arcan jack will prevent any case of using the jack to lift more than its capacity.

 There is a quick lock feature on the Arcan ALJ3T, which makes it fast and easier to engage and disengage the handle valves.

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Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack with Rapid Pump Quick Lift

Quality and Technical Specification:

Pittsburgh Automotive best floor jackThe Pittsburgh floor jack is a low profile jack and has the capacity to lift 3 tons. It will take 3-1/2 pumps to be able to lift the vehicle. Due to its extra low profile, this jack is able to fit under most of the cars, including sports cars. The Pittsburgh automotive floor jack is made of aluminum, which makes it sturdy in terms of the construction. It is quite stable and will not wobble when you are lifting your vehicle. You will be able to lift vehicles up to 2 feet off the ground easily.

Some of the critical features include the dual piston Rapid Pump technology is responsible for the effortless lifting of loads of up to 3 tons. This technology will cause the Pittsburgh aluminum floor jack lift the load with only 3-1/2 pumps. Moving the jack and placement of this floor jack is quite easy since it has steel casters that are extra wide and will provide more stability for this floor jack. The steel handle gives the Pittsburgh floor jack a good grip and there is a foam bumper will prevent any damage on the vehicle and its components. It is an industrial quality floor jack and is used by professional mechanics.

Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Floor Jack Features:

 The Pittsburgh floor jack has the capacity to lift up to 3 tons.

 This is a low profile jack, which will make it easy to place it under the lowered and custom cars.

 The extra-wide steel casters on the Pittsburgh jack enhance its stability and with the help of the front wheels make it easier to move the jack.

 There is a Rapid Pump, which is exclusive to the Pittsburgh floor jack. This dual parallel pump will make it possible to lift the loads with minimal pumps.

 The knurled handle is made up of two pieces and this will guarantee and firm grip whole using this floor jack.

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Hein-Werner HW93642 Blue Hydraulic Service Jack – 2 Ton Capacity

Quality and Technical Specification:

hein werner best floor jackThe Hein Werner floor jack is a hydraulic jack that has a load capacity of 2 tons. The jack is assembled in the United States and has a cast iron lift arm, which enhances its strength and durability. In addition, the pump base is also made of cast iron. The flanged side plates on the Hein Werner 2 ton floor jack and the wider frame provide exceptional stability and strength when the jack is in use to lift and hold a load. The in-line pump assembly assures the jack a long life and there would be no off-center forces. This makes it easier to pump. Reduce wear and also align it.

The U-joint release on the Hein Werner floor jack for sale is the mechanisms that will ensure that you have precise load control. The one piece handle eliminates any issues of bending and this will make the lifting process quite easy. The Hein Werner floor jacks for sale have a sealed hydraulic pump built in and this gives you a long lasting service. All the features in this floor jack have been designed to ensure that you will get quality service. The strength and durability of the Hein Werner floor jack is remarkable and serves as the main selling point.

Hein Werner HW93642 Blue Hydraulic Service Jack Features:

✓ This jack is assembled in USA and can lift up to 2 tons of loads.

 The Hein Werner jack has an arm that is made of cat iron, which enhances the strength and durability. This is the same material that has been used to make the pump.

 There are flanged side plates on the jack and a wide frame, which will provide great stability.

 The hydraulic pump on the Hein Werner is sealed, to avoid any contamination.

 The U-joint release valve is placed on this floor jack so as to ensure precise control.

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Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack – 3 Ton

Quality and Technical Specification:

best floor jack for the moneyTorin floor jack is a trolley jack, which is also referred to, as a hydraulic jack and has the capacity to lift loads of up to 3 tons. One of the key advantages with this jack is the fact that is comes with an SUV height extender, making it easy to use it on SUVs. This will save so much time as the extender allows you to lift higher vehicles with this floor jack. This is considered to be an ideal garage jack as it can lift different types of vehicles with minimal effort. You can use the Torin 3 ton floor jack to lift SUVs, pick-ups and other types of cars without too much effort.

The handle has an ergonomic design and has been designed in such a manner that it can lift heavy loads conveniently, without too much strain. The easy-gliding swivel wheels make it easy to place the Torin floor jack at the exact spot that it is required. Due to its compact size it can be stored easily as it does not take up too much space. Based on the Torin floor jack reviews, you will realize that it is quite durable and sturdy since it is constructed using the nodular cast iron pump, which is enhanced with a high grade steel.

Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack  Features:

 Torin floor jack is made of high quality steel that enhances the durability and the overall quality of the jack.

 It has been made such that it meets all the ASME PALD standards, which makes it a safe choice.

 The Torin jack has a very large saddle surface area. This offers excellent contact with the load that is being lifted.

There is an overload protection valve that has been incorporated so as to prevent lifting weight that surpasses the limits.

 When using the Torin floor jack, your safety is enhanced by the positive locking safety release handle.

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OTC 1532 2-Ton Capacity Aluminum Racing Jack

Quality and Technical Specification:

floor jack reviewsThe OTC floor jack weighs 43 pounds, but has the capacity to lift loads of up to 2 tons. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it quite durable and stable. With the dual pump pistons, it will only take you 5 pumps to be able to reach the maximum height of 18 inches with the load. As such, it does not require too much effort to be able to lift loads. This is a low profile floor jack since it has a minimum height of 3.5 inches. As such, it can easily be placed under high performance cars that are quite low.

The OTC transmission jack has side-mounted handles for the convenience of carrying it. The rubber saddle pads do not only protect any damages on the vehicles, but will also prevent the jack from slipping when supporting the load. The rubber pads are removable, which makes it convenient for cleaning and storage purposes. There handle is made up of two pieces and is 45 inches long, when assembled. You can easily snap it together and remove it quickly when you have finished using it. The OTC best floor jack is ideal for automobile shops that work on lowered cars, trucks, tuners and racing machines.

OTC 1532 2-Ton Capacity Aluminum Racing Jack Features:

 The OTC 1532 weighs only 43 pounds and has the capacity to lift u to 2 tons of load.

2 Ton Capacity OTC jack lifting mechanism is enhanced such that you will only need 5 pumps to lift your load to the maximum height of 18 inches.

 The OTC 1532 is a low profile jack, which is ideal for custom cars that are closer to the ground.

 Removable rubber saddle pad will protect the vehicle from any form of damage and also prevent the jacks from slipping.

 2-piece handle of the OTC 1532 is 45 inches long and snaps together easily to start using the jack.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Best Floor Jack

Having looked at the different types of jacks that are available and their specific features, it must be easier to get the right floor jack. However, in order to make a better decision, there are a number of factors that you should have in mind. While all jacks seem to serve the same purpose, there is a great difference in some details. When you go looking for the best floor jack for the money, you should consider your needs and what you would want to achieve. This will help you narrow down to the best car jack. We have highlighted some of the key factors to consider, below.

 Lift Capacity

Floor jack Lift CapacityWhen shopping around for a floor jack, it is important to look at the various floor jack reviews. One of the main considerations is the capacity, which is usually measured in tons. The 2 ton and 3 ton floor jacks are the most common and you should have the average load capacity in mind when looking to buy a floor jack. Generally, the idea of using a jack is not to lift the entire vehicle, but only part of it. The front, where the engine is carried, weighs about 60% of the overall weight of a vehicle.

If you plan to use your jack on small to medium types vehicle, the 2-ton jack will be ideal, while the 3-ton jack will be suitable for bigger vehicles. If you are not sure, it is advisable to go for the 3-ton jack, as it supports a wider range of load capacity. For those who have heavy vehicles, you may want to go for 4-ton or 5-ton car jacks. You should consider future uses so that you can get the  floor jack that will accommodate all your needs.

✓ Materials

best floor jack MaterialsThe construction material used is also an essential consideration when looking for the Perfect floor jack. Steel jacks are quite popular, especially for those who use them in a central place like the garage. They tend to be heavier and may not be ideal for those who need to carry their floor jacks around. If you need a jack that you can use on the go, you should consider the aluminum jack, which is pretty light. You need is what will influence the type of jack that you should buy.

As you may have noticed most floor jacks will either be made of aluminum, steel or a combination of the two. If you are looking for a cheap floor jack, then you should consider the ones made of steel. However, they are not sleek and tend to be quite heavy. For professional use, most car owners and mechanics prefer the aluminum jacks. This type is quite strong, lighter and easy to carry around. Either material is fine, but the aluminum jacks are far much better.

✓ Lift Height

 floor jack Lift HeightThe lift height is the maximum height that the car floor jack will lift the load. Ideally, the best floor jack is one that will have a maximum height of 18 to 20 inches. If you are contemplating the scissor jack, which is common in most vehicles, they can only go as high as 15 inches, which is a huge difference from those that get to 18 or 20 inches. When looking at the lift height, you should consider the lift capacity so as to ensure they are aligned.

Most of the 3-ton floor jacks will not have a lift rating that is higher than 20 inches. If you find one that claims to go higher, then you should be rather cautious as it may not be stable. If a load that weighs 3 tons is supported at a height that is over 20 inches, there is a very huge risk liability. Fortunately, there are options of increasing the lift height and the utility of the floor jacks. With a wider base, you can support a higher lift height safely.

✓ Lift Speed

floor jack Lift SpeedYou would not want to spend a whole hour trying to lift your load using a floor jack. The lift speed is a critical consideration, which goes hand in hand with the amount of effort required. The best floor jack should lift the load with a few pumps. This is made possible by the double piston pumps, which are on hydraulic jacks. It makes it easier to use the floor jack and lifting takes a few seconds.

On average a jack takes about 8 to 10 pumps to lift the load to the desired capacity. However, with the dual piston pumps, it should take less than 5 strokes. It is important to consider a garage jack that has a quick lift system, with minimal effort.

✓ Usages

As mentioned earlier, the type of floor jack that you will buy should be determined by the intended use. If you want a car floor jack, a 2-ton would be ideal for small to mid-size cars, while the 3-ton floor jack can work for trucks and SUVs. Ideally, if your intended load is heavy, you should go for floor jacks that have a higher lift capacity.

While a motorcycle appears to be light, it cannot be supported by a standard floor jack, you should consider a hydraulic jack stand for motorcycles so as to enhance the safety. There are jacks that are ideal for transmission and since this is a dangerous process, you should find the special transmission jacks for this purpose. The floor jack reviews will help you learn what each jack does.

 Floor Jack Price and Warranty

The best floor jack will cost between $150 and $250, but you can also find cheaper models. However, when buying a cheap floor jack, ensure that you are not compromising on your safety. In most cases, the cheaper models tend to fail and cause serious accidents. If you are serious about a floor jack, you should not take the risk of buying a low quality floor jack.

However, if you are on low budget, there are some models that come at discounted rates. Before purchasing a floor jack, it is important to find out about warranty issues. This is the only way that you can be assured of getting the best floor jack for the money. For More In-depth Information “how to Choose the Best Jack” You Should read this articles From Here

Floor Jack Supporting Accessories

There are a number of accessories that you should consider buying to support the functionality of your floor jack. The floor jack is one that has versatile usage, which can be achieved through additional accessories. Here are the supporting accessories for floor jacks:

 Jacks Stand

Irrespective of the type of jack that you have, you should ensure that you have a jack stand. Even if the weight that you are projecting to lift does not appear to be too heavy, you should support the car floor jack with a stand. There are so many different models of jack stands and each has its own unique set of features. Most floor jack reviews will also recommend the jacks stand that you should consider. Ideally, you need to pay keen attention to the maximum weight capacity, minimum height, and the stability.

 Wheel Chocks

These refer to the wedges that are placed behind the wheels of the vehicle that is being lifted. These will serve as a guard and prevent the vehicle from rolling off to the opposite side when it is lifted. These are cheap accessories and will cost about $20 and as such, you should ensure that you have them. Even if your vehicle has a good handbrake, the wheel chocks will work well to ensure that your vehicle remains static, when you are using a jack for car

✓ Car Ramps

If you want to raise your car quickly, the car ramps can be used instead of a car floor jack. When using the car ramps, you should ensure that you have the wheel chocks in place so as to avoid any movement of the vehicle. Generally, when you are using the car ramp, you may not need the floor jack stands since they offer solid support. However, the car ramps tend to limit some tasks like bleeding brakes, rotating tires or even changing brake pads.

Best Car Ramps Reviews and Buying Guide 2018

✓ Mechanics Creeper

If you are working under a car, you may need some comfort and convenience. The car creeper will offer a great level of comfort and makes it easier to slide beneath the vehicle. If you are changing oil, this accessory will come in handy since it allows you to lie on your back, comfortably. The creepers have a set of wheels and as such you can easily move around and get so much done. Once you have lifted the car with your garage jack, you can use the car creeper to maneuver.

✓ Transmission Jack

Generally, installing or removing transmission is quite a daunting task and that is why most mechanics charge a whole lot. This cannot be done using a standard car floor jack; you would need to find an adapter or use the transmission jack. The adaptor can be attached to the best car jack and it will make the process easier and safer. You should make attempts to change the transmission if you are sure about the process and are confident about it.  If you have the transmission jack, you may not need an adaptor.

How to Take Care of Floor Jacks

Having come this far, it is very easy to find the best floor jack. However, this will not serve you for a long time if you do not know how to take care of it. With proper care and maintenance, your car floor jack should serve you for so many years.

Here are some tips to help you take care of your floor jack
  • Frequent Inspection: Take time to understand your car floor jack. Regular inspection will help you catch some problems before they aggravate. Any form of damage will need immediate attention to avoid potential injuries in the future.
  • Cleaning: Always keep your garage jack clean so as to extend its life span. Generally, the floor jack will attract dust and dirt and this may affect its performance. Wipe it with an oiled cloth after use and give it a complete cleaning once in a while.
  • Lubrication: Every moving part should be lubricated so as to make it easier to use the jack. If you have grease, you should make use of it since it works better than oil and will not drip. When you are doing the general cleaning, you should remove the grease build up and apply fresh grease.
  • Changing Oil: Most hydraulic jacks use oil and after a while the effectiveness of the oil may decrease. Once in a couple of years change the oil and ensure that it is at the right level. When the oil is below the required level the lifting system is weakened and when it is above the level, it may cause damage to your car floor jack.
  • Storage: Store your floor jack in a clean place and ensure that all the pressure is released before storage. You should always store the car floor jack in an upright position so as to avoid any leaks.

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Final Recommendation:

With all the factors highlighted above, finding the good floor jack should be much easier. It’s important to pay keen attention to floor jack reviews, especially from customers who have used the particular model that you intend to buy. We mentioned that the choice of the floor jack that you will purchase will be determined by your needs. Over and above, the Pittsburgh 3 ton floor jack is ideal for most functions. It has a high rating on various stores and most customers that have used it are well pleased. This low profile floor jack has amazing features, which makes it qualify as the best floor jack. We do hope that the information will help you make an informed decision when buying floor jacks for sale.