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Top 5 Best Floor Jacks for Under $100

There are some few things which are more important when you’re working on your car. Yes, we understand that mechanical knowledge is also something which is important. We don’t want you to waste your time or even break your car’s parts simply because you use an unreliable floor jack. Don’t also use unsafe tools since you can easily injure yourself. Do you know that floor jack is one of the tools which bring help when one has involved in safety related accidents? Right outside there are tons of floor jacks and choosing the best one is hectic. But worry no more because we have listed for you the best Floor Jacks for Under $100 and are highly versatile. You’ll be doing a simple task when you want to change oil or even change your truck’s tire. The compact design of these best floor jacks we have listed for you will let you carry and store your stuff wherever you go. Go through them and get one which you think that it will suit your needs.

Product1: 1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack with Rapid Pump


1.5 Ton Compact Aluminum Racing Jack

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The dual parallel pump system is great to allow users lift most of their vehicles. Lightweight, compact design will save your space on shop floor. Its compact design will make it effortless to transport. The aircraft aluminum billet means that your racing jack will last longer. You don’t have to worry about the grip because the two piece knurled aluminum handle will always ensure that you have a sure grip. You can lift your vehicle to an approximate work height in only 3-1/2 pumps. The thumb screw will let users attach the handle and it can come off/on easily. It is equipped with foam bumper to ensure that your vehicle’s finish is not damaged. This jack is made for professional race team and the dual parallel pump system will let you lift your vehicle easily. Assembling the jack is effortless and it works perfect with lowered vehicles.

The heavy-duty caster is another great bonus about this jack and perfect for people who don’t want to spend a lot of their energy. The color of this beast is also eye-appealing and its compact design is what you’ll love most. It’s a perfect item when you want to do autocross and it is made to be light enough and so even ladies can easily use it. It’s a good lightweight jack with good lift and you will be keeping it in your truck as part and parcel of your road side and also parking lot assistance kit. it posses tons of advantages and more thing you need to know is that it can serve as a primary jack in your race trailer for inspection, lifting and also changing the tires on your corvette road race car if you own it. if you want to purchase the best floor jack which is affordable, then this one worth a try.


– Padded handle will prevent hitting and also scratching your vehicle paint

– Great for lowered vehicles

– The handle is two piece and users can detach it for portability

– Lightweight but very sturdy

– Perfect for professional use


– The spring mechanism might not lift truck

Product2: Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

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 This is a 2 ton floor jack that is always ready to let users enjoy better access to low-ground clearance vehicle. You will notice also that you can lift up to 3 ½ inches to 14 inches. It is designed to maneuver effortlessly into position. The heavy-duty steel construction is another bonus and it ensures long lasting durability. Thanks to unique patented bypass device that will protect against pumping. What you’ll love most is its built-in safety valve that will provide overload protection. It is also great for accessing under low cars. Its compact design will allow you save a lot of space. If you don’t want to use a lot of your energy, then this is the best jack for you and you can lower it effortlessly and even stop it any point you wish during the drop. Its quality paint will attract your eyes. If you want the best jack for home use, then this one will be of great help. If you want to purchase the best floor jack but you don’t want to break your bank, then, without doubt, you can as well give this unique product a try.


– Extra low profile

– Patented bypass device will protect over pumping

– Built-in safety valve will provide overload protection

– Heavy-duty steel construction means your jack will last longer


– It might not hold its pressure after long use


Product3: Torin Big Red T82002-BR Hydraulic Trolley Jack

Torin Big Red T82002-BR Hydraulic Trolley Jack

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The rotating heavy-duty saddle will let you do your professional work effortlessly. Not only that, the lifting range is also great and it will give you allowance of up to 5.6 inch to 13 inch. The 360-degree swivel caster will allow your jack to be rotated without giving you issues. Thanks to 360-degree handle that is designed to let users use their device at any angle. Don’t forget its safety overload system that will prevent use beyond the expected capacity and this makes this stuff highly reliable. If you want to purchase the best car jack for your lightweight vehicle, then let this Torin Big Red do you a great job.

If you are wondering about its construction, you need to be assured that this jack is made of heavy-duty material which ensures durability. You’ll also fall in love with the carrying handle that will let you carry your jack to wherever you wish. This is a jack which you can highly recommend to your friends. Several people don’t know what to consider when purchasing the best floor jack which is built for durability, but without hiding the truth, you can be assured that you will have nothing to lose when you try this beast. Changing your vehicle big tire will be something very effortless when you own this jack.


– Safety overload system makes your jack highly reliable

– Rotating heavy-duty saddle delivers rotating 360-degree handle to let you use it at any angle.

– The swivel casters can rotate up to 360-degree to let users perform their task at any angle

– Lifting range is from 5.6” to 13”


– Zero problems

Product4: Torin T83002 3 Ton Floor Jack


Torin T83002 3 Ton Floor Jack

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Do you need an awesome jack? Well, this Torin T83002 3 Ton Floor Jack is right here waiting for you. You will never experience even a single problem with it. During oil changing time, this item will bring you great help. It will jack your car up high enough and so you won’t experience any problem when getting the strut. It is designed to work well with users with the truck. It features tons of metal in it and its construction is heavy-duty to ensure durability. Its handle is also steel and it will let you lift and it will stay without showing any signs of problems. It works great in any garage and with its three tons of lifting capacity, it means that your work will be simple.

Thanks to 5.12” to 20.1” lifting range which will let you change oil without difficulties. Furthermore, the built-in safety overload system will make sure that there is no any use beyond the rated capacity. Something else is about the jack’s wide stance that will deliver stability even under a large load. Lastly is the two-piece handle which will make your jack effortless to transport and even store. With this jack, you will effortlessly lift your truck for maintenance. Owning the best jack with delivers zero frustration is something which every vehicle owners wishes, but when you try this three ton floor jack, you will find it very useful to your day-to-day activities. It’s one of the best jack for car maintenance.


– The steel case is durable and can swivel up to 360-degrees

– Safety overload system will prevent use which can exceed the rated capacity

– The lifting range is between 5.12” to 20.1” to let you lift your car or truck

– Two-piece handle will let you transport your jack and even store it easily when not in use

– Wide stance to deliver stability under load


– No cons for this beast


Product5: Torin T82751 2 3/4 Ton Floor Jack

Torin T82751 2 3 4 Ton Floor Jack

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This beast will arrive at your doorstep being big and heavy. If you want to own an awesome jack for maintaining your truck, then allow this floor jack to be your number one friend. Forget about that small jack and try this one and it will let you lift your truck with big tires. It will allow you replace the rear passenger strut without any problem. The safety overload system is perfect when you want to prevent any use beyond the expected capacity. You will never take a lot of days to finish your work when you own your new jack.

With its 2.75-ton lifting capacity, you can easily change oil. Thanks to the wide stance which means that you can enjoy stability under load. Something interesting is about the two-piece handle that will let users transport and also store their jack effortlessly. The bar features two sections and the extra leverage of the second section will let you pump easily with one hand and its overall construction is perfect for occasional consumer level use. The compact and heavy-duty design means that this stuff is a great choice for all vehicle owners.


– Durable steel casters which can swivel up to 360-degree

– Great lifting range

– Two-piece handle to effortless transportation as well as storage

– Built-in safety overload system

– Wide stance to deliver stability under load


– Heavy-duty construction and so you better be careful when using it.


If you need heavy duty, rugged floor Jacks for Under $100, then the above ones are the best ones for your occasional consumer level use. We know it that you care your vehicle very much but we don’t want you to use a lot of energy when maintaining your vehicle. With one of the above floor jack, you will be just smiling every day knowing that you have the best  jack which is built to last. Thanks to their durable steel casters that have been construction to rotate up to 360-degree to let you use your jack at any angle you wish. These best Floor Jacks for Under $100 are what you should purchase and you’ll end up recommending them to your friends and family.

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